this is pebbles

/pebbles/ is a collection of bowls and plates for your unique setting in your home.

reminding of long walks along the beach where can find naturally carved pebbles – organically shaped with their softened edges and smoothened surfaces that are washed and carved by the ocean over time.

/pebbles/ is a testament to that love: hand-built, uniquely formed, echoing the forces and beauty of nature.

i invite you to connect to your intuition and enjoy choosing your own pebbles.

my work is characterized by irregular forms and soft shapes. being guided by my intuition i develop unique organic objects. my main inspiration is beauty in nature. i feel drawn to asymmetric forms and shapes that feel a little out of balance which makes them interesting to my eye.

i regard working with clay as a holy practice where i connect to myself, my own emotional world, our earth and our heritage of humankind. working with clay is like a mediation for me bringing me to the present moment. the slow process of creating teaches me to be patient in life.