the pleasures

of life

with slow

hand-built ceramics 

getting my hands in the mud makes me smile with my heart

i embrace the imperfect. i work mainly with slow hand-building techniques to create ceramics that are inspired by the beauty and irregularity of nature. asymmetry, organic shapes and natural forms are most interesting to my eye. an edge, a flaw or even a crack makes a piece even more beautiful to me. 

holding clay in my hands brings me pure joy. the material and its plasticity connects me to myself and my intuition. creating with clay brings me into my body and to the here and now. it is a meditation practice which i regard as holy. being intuitively guided by the material i choose not to have a particular concept in my mind. in the process of creating i strongly feel the connection to our mother earth and the heritage of humankind. that's why i love to work with ancient techniques like pinching and coiling. i prefer an earthy and sandy colour palette which reminds me of materials in nature. the slow process of creating teaches me to be patient in life and that good results take time.

in 2018 i started taking ceramic classes in berlin – and i have never stopped since then. today i have my studio in berlin tempelhof. 

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every flaw is

beauty to me